Thursday, July 17, 2014

As I have been asked by several friends, here is a quick update on what is going on with me and what I am doing this summer in sha'Allah:

1. Having retired from my positions as Muslim Chaplain @ Harvard Islamic Society and Muslim Chaplain @ the Harvard Chaplains this past year, I continue to work with our beloved Harvard Muslim community, particularly around wonderful initiatives such as the Harvard University Muslim Alumni and Harvard Islamic Society-sponsored Muslim Life Fund.

2. After 19yrs, my tenure as Affiliate @ the redoubtable Islamic Finance Project (IFP)  (Islamic Legal Studies Program, Harvard Law School) ends this summer.

3. I am participating in majlis fiqh (facilitated and offered by the Imam Shafi`i Institute| in which we are reading Imam al-Nawawi's Minhaj al-Talibin with Sh Habib Mustafa Sumayt al-Hadrami (hafizahu llahu ta`ala).

4. I am teaching Hanbali fiqh (Sunday mornings) (I am currently reading al-Rawd al-Murbi/Zad al-Mustaqni` with a small group of select students) and `ulum al-qur'an/`ulum al-hadith on Mondays  (expected to resume after Ramadan).

5. As a member of the Academic Working Group sponsored by the Initiative on Islam and Medicine (Program Medicine & Religion, U Chicago), I am preparing for our second retreat in the beginning of August.

6. I am working on catching up on the back log of questions that I have received this Spring on nawazil fiqh al-mu`malat (Islamic financial ethics and law) at Straightway Ethical Advisory, the shari`ah-compliant finance advisory group at which I am Managing Partner.